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jessica keys

  • “You need to commit, if you want to make your skin beautiful, not wait for a miracle!”
    – Jessica Keys is a well versed writer in the magic of Ayurveda, Ethnic or Ancient Asian naturopathic treatments, Aesthetician, Aromatherapy, Ancient Massages and Herbal Skin Care. She believes the largest organ of our body, skin is neglected the most today.
  • In her free time, Jessica¬†¬†spends time practicing age-old beauty tips on her friends and admirers.
  • She believes that the elixir of beauty are WATER and Smiles!
  • Jessica Keys love her foods a lot too !
Full name Jessica Keys
DOB January 21
Birthplace San Jose, USA
Height 163cm
Weight 52kg (181 lbs)
Blood type B
Job/Occupation Founder of skincaregear.com
Likes Myself :))
Dislikes Pushy types
Hobbies Eating and Sleeping
Favorite food Steak
Forte in sports Boxing