What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Treatment for Stretch Marks


The sudden changes in body like rapid weight gain, pregnancy etc can cause stretch marks. The stretch marks are stripes on your body lighter than your skin color. They occur when the dermis layer of the skin is torn or get more stretched than its capability. Along with healthy and nutritious diet the following methods can be used to remove these marks:

  • Castor Oil and Olive Oil are the outstanding remedies for skin issues. The castor oil is used to treat different type of skin problems like wrinkles; dark spots etc so can also be used to treat stretch marks too. Just apply the castor oil onto the marks in circular motion massaging it for 5 to 10 minutes, after massaging cover the applied area with a clean cotton cloth and apply heat with a heating pad or hot water bottle for at least 30 minutes. Repeat the process for about 1 month and you will get the results.
    • Similarly Olive oil is a great source of moisturizer you just need to do is heat the oil before applying and apply it in the circular motion. And it will help reduce the visibility of marks.Treatment for Stretch Marks (3)
  • Aloe Vera is very well known for its herbal and natural healing powers. And is being used for years to treat many skin problems. Take an aloe Vera leaf and rub it onto your marks in circular motion for at least 5 minutes daily for a month. Wash the applied area with lukewarm water.Treatment for Stretch Marks (4)
  • The acidic property of Lemon Juice is quite effective in naturally removing the stretch marks. Squeeze some lemons to get their juice. You can apply the lemon juice alone or can add some cucumber juice to make the mixture more effective. Apply the juice onto the marks in circular motion and wash the applied area with warm water after sometime.Treatment for Stretch Marks (5)
  • The amino acids and proteins found in Egg Whites can be used not only to lower the stretch marks but can also repair the cells of the skin. Remove whites from the eggs into a bowl and then apply it onto the marks area with a brush. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and let it dry. Then wash the area with warm water. Then follow the olive oil method to moisturize the area. Repeat this procedure daily to get best results.Treatment for Stretch Marks (6)
  • You can also use minerals and vitamins of Potato Juice to increase the growth of repair of cells of skin and decrease the stretch marks. Just rub the thick slices of potato onto the area having marks for 5 to 10 minutes. And then rinse off after 10 minutes it got dry.Treatment for Stretch Marks (7)
  • Cocoa Butter is another moisturizing agent which can be used to increase the blood circulation and decrease the stretch marks. Take a small amount of it and gently rub onto the affected area. Repeat the procedure twice a day for a month.Treatment for Stretch Marks (8)
  • Sugar can also help you to get rid of dead skin and appearance of stretch marks. Make a mixture of a heap of a tablespoon of sugar, few drops of lemon juice and almond oil. Rub your affected area in circular motion with the resulted mixture and wash it with warm water after 5 to 10 minutes. Make it a routine for a month and you will get positive results.
  • Stretch Mark Removal creams or lotions are not much effective. They don’t remove the marks but can lower their visibility. Retina-A can be used to remove the new stretch marks by increasing the collagen but is not effective on the old one. You must not apply it when you are pregnant as it can cause birth defects. Stay away from sun rays as it can cause sunburn. Apply only if prescribed by doctors.Treatment for Stretch Marks (1)
  • Vitamin E Oil also acts as a miracle in removing the marks. You can mix it with your unscented regular moisturizers to properly cover the affected area.Treatment for Stretch Marks (10)
  • Laser Surgery is another method to permanently lower the visibility of stretch marks. In this method a beam of light will remove the skin layers around the marks. Excimer laser a type of laser do not remove or cut the skin areas instead break the molecular bonds in the tissues. After the completion of laser process the quick and new layers of skin appear. This gives you a healthy appearance. The process goes through step by step treatments. Some patients go through 20 treatments.
  • Another option is surgical stretch mark removal which is permanent and effective. The other methods like laser and natural methods can dull the marks but will not permanently remove. So to permanently remove surgery is the only method.Treatment for Stretch Marks (9)
  • Microdermabrasion removes the upper layer of the skin and gives it a healthy look. It uses crystal spray to remove the upper layer of the skin. This method is less time consuming and gets completed within an hour. It is not much painful and recovers fast.

Consulting the best dermatologist is the best way to know the method to be opted to remove the stretch marks in your case.


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